JDash Documentation


JDash is a public Java library for the Geometry Dash API. Geometry Dash is a platform game for PC and mobile made by RobTopGames. This game has online features such as levels, player stats, friends and private messaging system, etc. The point of this library is to access online data from the game and process them in your own Java program. This library hasn't been made in any form of partnership with RobTopGames. This means that it has absolutely no control over the Geometry Dash API itself. This library shall be actively updated to prevent any incompatibility or dysfunction due to a major change of the API on the game's side.


JDash project has been initiated and essentially developped by Alex1304.

Email: mirandaa1304@gmail.com | Discord: Alex1304#9704

Geometry Dash is developped and maintained by RobTopGames.

Email: support@robtopgames.com